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Growth can be scary as your digital projects and clients get bigger and more complex. Get the work done in ways you never imagined by embedding a seasoned digital project manager into your operations.

Embedded Digital Project Management Services Include:

  • Digital Project Management
  • Operations Analysis and Best Practice Execution
  • In-the-flow Process Improvement
  • Production Tool Analysis and execution

Your digital agency/team is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only is the volume of the work increasing, but so is the complexity of the projects. In the past, you could produce your digital experience with one or two folks wearing a multitude of hats including the Digital Project Manager (DPM) version. Now, it’s just not possible to get all of it done with one person. And how to get it done seems even more daunting.

Bring in a seasoned Digital Project Manager to manage your even the most seemingly helpless projects while, at the same time, use it as a benchmark for future projects: From concepting to delivery, a seasoned PM will demonstrate what it takes to manage a digital well by managing your project well. The experience will help elevate the full experience. This service can serve as a great introduction into your digital agency/team which will then lead to a full-on Production Optimization Program.

If delivering your projects feels like giving birth, then it’s time to improve the way you produce. Take an agile approach and make those changes fast with a Production Optimization Program (POP).

Production Optimization Program Services include:

  • Roles Definition
  • Resource Allocation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production Guidelines
  • Prioritization Management
  • Maintenance Operations

Does digital agency/team operations feel like a pony in a thoroughbred race? If you are getting lots of new and more complex work, adding more people may not be the answer. You also need to change the way you operate. And you need to do it fast.

Based in Agile software methodologies, the Production Optimization Program (POP) takes an evolutionary approach to organizational change by looking at the people, process, and tools that make up your operations using minimal time from your team. The goal is to make small but immediate changes to your agency so that it starts to lay the foundation for current and future growth. The truth is that organizational change is never-ending; POP creates a framework that helps you accelerate it.

There is talent and drive in your digital team, and we can help bring it to light. Give your team a reason to be inspired every day through ground-breaking guidance and intuitive training. We’ll help your team simplify, prioritize, and achieve excellence on a daily basis.

Production Talent Revival Services include:

  • Digital Project Management Training
  • Production Talent Search
  • Coaching

Is your digital agency/team feeling a bit junior. While kids right out of college are a tremendous and tireless asset, many of the skills needed to run digital initiatives aren’t taught. While many things can be done through sheer force and seat-of-the-pants management style, education can be the tide that raises all ships.

Upgrade your digital team with nuts-and-bolts training and/or help elevate your them with a seasoned leader who can help elevate the game.

Build your future through innovation, crafty thinking, and keen solutions.

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