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Digital Intuitiveness

Corvus3 is a comprehensive group that creates solutions for digital agencies, marketing groups, ecommerce sites, and anyone else who needs long-lasting results.

While our business is based in the digital world, we understand that people, not programs, are the drivers of success for any group.

Corvus3: Intuitive Enhancements for Digital Groups

Based on the Craftiness and Intuitive Thinking of a Crow

It might not be as noble as an eagle, as graceful as a swan, or as beautiful as a peacock, but the crow is a truly impressive bird. It’s one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, using intuitive thinking and curiosity to survive, and even thrive, when other birds disappear.

Corvus is the biological classification for crows and ravens, so we thought it makes the perfect symbol for our team. Like the crow, we use craftiness, intelligence, and curiosity to find solutions where others see barriers. We explore, learn, and analyze to create attainable, realistic solutions.

A Corvus Level of Curiosity

Founder Josh Zapin has always had a high level of curiosity. From an early age, he was fascinated with how items work and how multiple pieces interact. This applied to both physical items like toys and equipment, and digital programs, including video games and software.

One of Josh’s first inspirations was the ground-breaking PC game Myst, the first game to popularize the concept of “full-emersion.” Josh wondered how such a detailed video game could be possible, so he reverse-engineered the program and discovered that it is essentially a well-organized combination of sound, video, and animation files. Josh’s fascination with the digital world was off and running…

Providing Game-Changing Innovation for Digital Organizations

Corvus3 provides three basic services that cover the needs of digital organizations. The first is digital project management, which helps groups deal with expanding growth and increased workloads. The second is optimizing digital programs by providing feasible adjustments that deliver game-changing results. Lastly, Corvus3 provides training, coaching, and education for digital teams, reviving group members and leaving long-lasting effectiveness.

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When you are ready for intuitive solutions, crafty optimization, and inventive coaching, contact the team at Corvus3.

We would be proud to help enhance your digital team, so give us a call today!

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